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Empowering Financial Success: Our Impact by the Numbers

Discover the cumulative financial milestones achieved through our dedicated CPA services. From billions managed to millions saved, our statistics speak to a legacy of trust, efficiency, and strategic acumen. Dive into the data that defines our excellence in elevating financial performance.

Total Assets Managed:


The sum of the assets under management for clients, providing an indication of the scale of financial oversight AFS maintains.

Revenue Processed:


Cumulative revenue figures for all client companies, showcasing AFS's capability in managing high-volume transactions.

Tax Savings Generated:


The aggregate amount of tax savings found for clients through strategic planning and deductions, underscoring AFS's expertise in tax optimization.

Transactions Audited:


The number of financial transactions audited by AFS, highlighting thoroughness and experience in compliance and due diligence.

Financial Reports Prepared:


The total number of financial statements, reports, and forecasts prepared for clients, illustrating the breadth of AFS's analytical work.

Capital Raised or Structured:


For clients involved in funding rounds or financial restructuring, the total capital AFS has helped raise or structure.

Cost Reductions:


Summarizing the cost-saving measures identified and implemented across client operations, reinforcing AFS's role in enhancing efficiency.

Loan and Credit Facilitation:


Value of loans and credit facilities AFS has assisted clients in securing, demonstrating trust from financial institutions in AFS financial scrutiny.

Investments Monitored:


Wealth management; the total value of investments AFS & AFS Partners monitor and advisement 


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