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At AFS, we make the concept of financial independence and security attainable for a diverse array of individuals, regardless of their background. We provide opportunities for those seeking to establish a full-time or part-time financial services business to augment their income. Whether you're a part-time insurance agent or an aspiring financial entrepreneur, AFS is dedicated to nurturing the growth of your business.

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The AFS Business Model: 

Designed for Everyone

Your Path to Financial Independence

At AFS, our business model presents an exclusive chance to make financial independence and entrepreneurship accessible to people of diverse backgrounds. In fact, many of our clients decide to become independent business owners, leveraging our proven system to establish successful financial services organizations.

Start Building Your Business with AFS!

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Helping People Build Their Financial Futures

AFS Agents Share Financial Expertise, Strategies, and Best Practices for Tax Planning, Investment, Retirement, Savings, and Education Planning, Helping Clients Build Brighter Futures with AFS Services.

Become An AFS Agent

AFS Financial Professionals Gain Access to Our Comprehensive Financial Training Resources, Equipping Them with the Knowledge and Tools to Excel in Various Financial Services. As an Aspiring Financial Agent, You'll Receive Mentorship and Support from the AFS Home Office and Our Community of Professionals. AFS Provides Cutting-Edge Technology, Business Development Guidance, and Marketing Resources to Elevate Your Practice. Our Holistic Financial Training Program Sets the Foundation for Your Success – Are You Ready to Take on the Challenge?

How to build and scale your business is up to you. There’s virtually no ceiling on the size your business can be or your earning potential, regardless of your background.

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The AFS Business Model Empowers Ambitious Entrepreneurs to Establish Their Financial Services Venture on Their Own Terms. Whether You Choose Full-Time or Part-Time, Day or Night, AFS Offers Limitless Scaling Opportunities.

The AFS Difference

Traditional Agency

Successful business owners recruit and train team members to join their company. Those who excel have the chance to achieve top-tier contracts. Team members aspiring to secure higher-level contracts often explore new business opportunities or venture into entrepreneurship.

AFS Model

AFS business owners collaborate to recruit and mentor fellow owners, fostering a strong team dynamic. Every business owner has the potential to attain the highest-level contract. Our owners operate on a level playing field, supporting one another in achieving success. The growth and income potential are scalable, tailored to each owner's unique business objectives.

Start Part Time and Go Full Time When You’re Ready

There's no need to leave your current job to explore the possibilities at AFS as an independent agent. Start as a part-time financial professional with AFS and experience the flexibility our platform offers.

Leadership Level

Level One (0-3 Years Experience)

Level Two (4-7 Years Experience)

Level Three (8-10 Years Experience)

Average Earnings




Average Earnings of Full-Time Agents

The compensation structure at AFS is unique within the financial industry. The figures below represent the average and highest earnings over a 12-month period

Four Ways to Build Income

At AFS, we provide one of the financial industry's most comprehensive compensation plans, covering a diverse range of financial products. As you progress through the ranks and expand your business, you'll have the opportunity to increase your earnings while making a positive impact on more individuals.

Expansion Income

At AFS, financial entrepreneurs like you have the freedom to expand their business across the United States, and our platform is here to support your growth and help you empower your organization.

Bonus Income

Proficient agents at AFS earn bonus income that grows in tandem with the company's overall production, potentially amplifying and compounding your earning potential.

Personal Income

Earn a commission when you write new business and, as you reach preset levels, your commission percentage increases.

Agency Income

As your business grows, you can build a team by mentoring and developing newly licensed agents. As they write new business, you earn a percentage of their sales through overrides.

In other firms, when you embark on a financial entrepreneurship journey, mentorship can be hit or miss. At AFS, business owners collaborate to ensure each other's success. Our streamlined approach gives you the flexibility to work and progress at your preferred pace. Whether you choose part-time or full-time, you can shape your path to become the agent you aspire to be.

How does the AFS business model stand out from the rest?

Starting your own business can be challenging, but we're here to guide you every step of the way. At AFS, our associates have access to comprehensive financial training, back office support, and industry leading software programs. As agents progress in their careers, they receive valuable guidance and mentorship from both the AFS home office and experienced fellow agents.

How does AFS support its agents?

At AFS, you have the flexibility to choose your own path. You can begin as a part-time agent to ease into the role and see if it suits you, even if you have other commitments like a full-time job or ongoing studies. If you find that part-time works best for you in the long run, that's perfectly acceptable too!

Can I work as a part-time agent, or is full-time the only option?

To become an agent at AFS, you need to be a resident of the United States. We'll begin by asking a few initial questions to understand your readiness and experience. After that, you can initiate the program. You'll start with some online training opportunities and exams, paving the way for you to run your own financial services business. When you're prepared, you can commence the online registration process.

What are the steps to become an AFS agent?


The Answers You Need

Build Your Business with AFS

Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you prepared to take control of your future? With our business model, you have the opportunity to become a part-time AFS agent or establish your financial services business. While doing so, you can assist individuals, families, and businesses in your community in safeguarding their financial future.

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