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Navigate the complexities of the tax landscape with unparalleled ease

By integrating TaxGuardian's vigilant monitoring with AuditShield's robust defense, you're not just protecting your finances—you're investing in peace of mind.

Comprehensive Monitoring

AuditShield diligently tracks your IRS account activities, including changes in penalties, suspect returns, address modifications, IRS notices, and balance fluctuations. This vigilant surveillance acts as an early warning system against identity theft and refund fraud

Individualized Approach

Recognizing that each taxpayer's situation is unique, we provide individualized monitoring for each spouse, ensuring personalized and focused attention

Enhanced Penalty Abatement Service

The Penalty Abatement Service within AuditShield not only focuses on reducing or eliminating IRS-imposed penalties but also includes the potential for reimbursement of penalties and interest already paid by you

Strategic Abatement and Reimbursement Plan

Developing a strategy that aims not only to abate future penalties but also to recover penalties and interest already paid. This involves a thorough understanding of IRS policies regarding penalty abatement and reimbursement

Documentation and Advocacy

Preparing and submitting compelling documentation to support both the abatement and reimbursement claims, including detailed arguments and evidence demonstrating why the client deserves both penalty relief and reimbursement

IRS Negotiations and Follow-up

Managing all negotiations with the IRS, including presenting the case for reimbursement, responding to IRS inquiries, and ensuring that the process moves towards a favorable outcome

Key Features

AuditShield is more than just a service; it's your proactive tax monitoring partner


Pre-emptive Security

Stay ahead of potential issues with continuous account monitoring

Tailored Protection

Each account is monitored individually, ensuring thorough and specific oversight


Accessible pricing, with or without existing TaxGuardian membership

Potential Savings

Identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate penalties, potentially saving substantial amounts


Subscribe to AuditShield with an existing TaxGuardian membership, or without TaxGuardian. This modest investment grants you peace of mind and robust protection


Per individual with an existing TaxGuardian membership


Per individual without a TaxGuardian membership

File with Confidence, No Year-End Fees


Embrace a seamless tax experience with TaxGuard's monthly subscription. Enjoy the certainty of NO Year-End Filing Fees, robust security, and continuous peace of mind. Benefit from our All-Inclusive service that ensures year-round tax planning to optimize your financial journey. Learn more and take the step towards effortless tax management.

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