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Tailored Tax Expertise, 

Ready For Your Business

We've assisted countless business owners with their taxes, and we're here for you too. Whether you missed the tax deadline or filed an extension, our certified tax professionals for businesses are prepared to uncover every available credit and deduction for you.

AFS - Enolled Agent
Licensed By The US Tresury Department
Arkansas Life Insurance

Confidently placing your trust in AFS means relying on a team of highly certified experts dedicated to ensuring your financial well-being and success.

Your Tax Prep Comes With Built-in Reassurance

100 + Clients

Satisfied clients and counting—our commitment to exceptional service speaks for itself.

1M + Under Management

Empowering Your Business with Trusted Expertise: Managing One Million and Counting for Your Peace of Mind

100% Accurate

Rest assured with our commitment to absolute accuracy, leaving no room for error.


Having thrived for over three decades in the financial landscape, our wealth of experience sets us apart.

FinCEN's New Compliance

Stay Ahead with AFS:

Navigate FinCEN's New Compliance Guide for Small Entities

Don’t let the complexities of compliance slow you down. Contact Avid Financial Solutions today for expert guidance on FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Reporting Rule. Let us help you understand, prepare, and seamlessly align with these new regulations. Reach out now for a secure financial future.

Business Services

Built For Your Business.

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or have a team of 100+, our tax experts are here to support you, allowing you to concentrate on what lies ahead.

Tax Prep

& Planning


At Avid Financial Solutions (AFS), we understand that effective tax planning is the foundation of financial prosperity.



At Avid Financial Solutions (AFS), we recognize that organized and accurate financial records are the heartbeat of any successful business.




Managing payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) Payroll Services, it becomes a seamless process.


Valuation Services


Understanding the true value of your business is crucial for strategic decision-making, mergers, acquisitions, succession planning, and more. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers comprehensive Business Valuation Services

Virtual CFO



Navigating the financial landscape of your business requires strategic insights and expertise.




Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be intimidating and complex. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) stands as your shield

Business Solutions, Our Expertise

Medical Practice




Running a successful medical practice involves more than exceptional patient care—it requires astute financial management. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers specialized Medical Practice Financial Consulting


Startup Services


Embarking on a new business venture is exhilarating, but it also demands meticulous planning and execution. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers specialized Business Startup Services


Loan Advisory


Navigating the landscape of business loans can be complex and overwhelming. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers a dedicated Business Loan Advisory service


Software Solutions


In the dynamic world of finance, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers Financial Software Solutions


Tax Services


Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers Specialized Tax Services designed to address the unique and intricate tax requirements of various industries and individuals.

International Tax

and Financial



Navigating the complexities of international taxation demands a specialized approach. Avid Financial Solutions (AFS) offers International Tax and Financial Planning services tailored to individuals and businesses

Explore Our Range of Additional Services

Discover What Small Business Owners Say About Our Services.

Real Stories, Real Results: Hear from Small Business Successes!

Empowering Diverse Industries: Our Specialized Expertise

Tailored Financial Solutions to Drive Success Across Sectors

Did you know? According to a survey, 75% of tech startups struggle with financial management.

Did you know? Healthcare businesses face complex tax regulations. Let us ensure your financial health while you focus on healing.

Did you know? 68% of property managers struggle with financial reporting. Let us streamline your financials, so you can focus on property growth and profitability.

Did you know? 80% of e-commerce businesses face cash flow challenges. Let us optimize your financial flow, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Did you know? 63% of hospitality businesses struggle with financial management. Let us ensure your financial well-being while you provide exceptional experiences to your guests.

72% of non-profits face challenges in financial oversight. Let us assist you in navigating financial complexities, allowing you to focus on making a meaningful impact in your community.

Did you know? 55% of energy companies struggle with financial planning. Let us optimize your financial strategies, ensuring a reliable energy supply for a better future.

Did you know? 80% of FinTech startups face financial management challenges. Let us help you navigate these complexities, ensuring your focus remains on innovative financial solutions for the future.

Did you know? 60% of media businesses face financial sustainability challenges. Let us optimize your financial strategy, ensuring you can continue to create and entertain with confidence.

In the dynamic Construction and Engineering industry, financial precision is crucial for project success. Did you know? 70% of construction firms face challenges in financial management. Let us streamline your financial operations, ensuring seamless projects and growth in your industry.

In the promising Renewable Energy and Green Initiatives industry, financial sustainability is key to promoting a sustainable future. Did you know? 82% of renewable energy ventures struggle with financial planning. Let us assist you in managing your finances effectively, contributing to a greener and more prosperous world.

Did you know? 68% of agriculture businesses face financial challenges. Let us optimize your financial strategies, ensuring a fruitful harvest and a prosperous agricultural venture.

In the fast-paced Transportation and Logistics industry, financial efficiency drives seamless operations. Did you know? 76% of logistics companies encounter financial hurdles. Let us optimize your financial strategy, ensuring smooth operations and growth in your industry.

In the burgeoning Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives industry, financial prudence is crucial for lasting impact. Did you know? 85% of sustainability ventures face financial management challenges. Let us assist you in managing your finances effectively, contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

In the vibrant Art and Creative Industries, financial stability is as important as artistic expression. Did you know? 75% of artists and creative businesses encounter financial hurdles. Let us optimize your financial strategies, allowing you to focus on creating and thriving in your artistic endeavors.

In the dynamic realm of Franchises and Multi-Unit Operations, financial management is key to successful expansion. Did you know? 81% of franchise owners face financial complexities. Let us optimize your financial strategies, ensuring streamlined growth and prosperity in your franchise endeavors.

AFS Empowering Diverse Industries

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Eager to seize financial opportunities? Commence your tailored consultation with AFS experts by engaging below. Let's pave the path to financial success together!

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Heather Dark

Client Review

I am so grateful for the Avid team. I'm paying the same as I was with TurboTax and getting actual strategic guidance about my financial future

Russell Ingram

Client Review

I use avid for bookkeeping (business) and tax services. The entire team is great to work with, very helpful, and very responsive

Randy Odglen

Client Review

Great Accounting and Tax firm. I trust them will all my accounting and tax outsourcing. Excellent service at a reasonable price.

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