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Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips

If you're reading this, time is of the essence, so let's dive straight into it! Here are our essential last-minute tax filing tips. And remember, if you're seeking assistance with your tax filing, AFS is ready to help!

5 Last-Minute Tax Preparation Tips

  1. Plan to File on Time:

  • Avoid penalties and interest by filing before the deadline. Discover the consequences of late filing here.

  • Schedule an appointment with an AFS tax professional. Choose in-person, virtual, or drop-off services. Alternatively, block out time to file yourself using AFS Online, with or without expert assistance.

  1. Get Organized:

  • Utilize our tax prep checklist to ensure you're not missing any critical information. Tailor it to your needs here.

  • Stay updated on the latest tax law changes to avoid surprises.

  1. Strategize Your Payment Plan:

  • File as soon as possible if you owe the IRS, or suspect you might, to minimize penalties.

  • Learn what to do if you're unable to pay by the due date here.

  1. Consider Last-Minute Financial Decisions:

  • You have until April 18 to contribute to your IRA or Health Savings Account for the 2022 tax year.

  1. Request an Extension if Necessary:

  • Apply for a tax filing extension to get an extra six months for your paperwork. However, remember that extensions do not extend the payment deadline. Estimate and pay any owed taxes with your extension request.

Post-Filing Tips:

If you owe for 2022, you might owe for 2023 as well. Now's the time to plan ahead. Consult with your AFS tax pro about adjusting your withholding or making estimated tax payments. Use our W-4 calculator to prepare a new form for your employer.

Need Last-Minute Tax Preparation Help? AFS Is Here for You. Choose to file with an AFS tax pro or use AFS Online for assured, efficient service. Our commitment is to secure the biggest refund possible for you.


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