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TaxGuardian Basic: Your Path to Financial Security

Unlock peace of mind with TaxGuardian Basic. Safeguard your financial future and ensure a stress-free tax season.

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Unlock Comprehensive Tax Protection: Combine TaxGuardian with AuditShield Today!

Navigate the complexities of the tax landscape with unparalleled ease. By integrating TaxGuardian's vigilant monitoring with AuditShield's robust defense, you're not just protecting your finances—you're investing in peace of mind

Your Yearly Tax Filing Paid

Your monthly subscription covers your annual tax filing, ensuring there are no end-of-year surprises or additional fees.

Priority Processing

TaxGuardian Basic puts you at the front of the line. Enjoy priority processing to ensure your taxes are filed accurately and swiftly.

3-Year Audit Protection

Worried about audits? With TaxGuardian Basic, you're covered. We provide 3-year audit protection to safeguard your financial interests.

Mid-Year Planning

Tax planning isn't a once-a-year event. Our Mid-Year Planning service helps you stay ahead of the game, making necessary adjustments for a smooth tax season.

Quarterly Tax Updates

Stay informed with our Quarterly Tax Updates. We keep you in the loop about tax changes and updates to ensure you're always prepared.

Auto Extension

Life can get busy. TaxGuardian Basic provides an auto-extension feature, giving you more time when you need it.

W2s and W2-Gs

Up to 5 W2s and W2-Gs

Need to handle multiple income sources? No problem. TaxGuardian Basic allows you to include up to 5 W2s and W2-Gs in your tax preparation.

Discover the Benefits of TaxGuardian Basic

Explore TaxGuardian For Business & Experience The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Expert Financial Solutions For Your Company.

Unlock Financial Peace with AFS.

Say goodbye to annual tax fee surprises. Our monthly subscription empowers individuals to manage their tax liabilities with ease

Starting As Low $120 Per Month

AFS TAXGuardian Plans

With TaxGuardian Basic, you're not just subscribing to a service; you're subscribing to financial security and peace of mind. Say goodbye to annual tax fee surprises and hello to comprehensive tax protection. Join us today!

Join TaxGuardian. Basic Today

Unlock Financial Peace with AFS.

Ready to supercharge your financial security? Discover TaxGuardian Family and Family Investment plans. Maximize benefits, get priority processing, and ensure a NO SURPRISE tax experience. Upgrade now for peace of mind.

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